Michaela Zbejvalova

A-MZI was born in Prague and have lived there all my life.

I learned to sew at a young age and explored many different crafts later like beading, knitting etc.

8 years ago, I started going on quilting courses, subscribing to magazines, buying books – and a whole new world  opened up for me. I started with traditional quilts and after some years I began to love modern and art quilts. I like to create in a more intuitive way and my quilts tend to evolve rather than be planned in details from the beginning. At the moment, I am enjoying working with fabric collage, dying fabrics and exploring new techniques.

I became a member of Bohemia Patchwork Club, Art Quilt Club CZ and newly established Art Quilt Harbour group.
My quilts were seen at international exhibitions Prague Patchwork Meeting and, as a part of common group set of Art Quilt Club CZ, also in abroad (Birmingham, Vienna, St Marie aux Mines).

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