Irena Zemanova

A-IZ2Creation is my life. I´ve had the need to create since I was a child – sew, dye, create. Since first tie-dyed fabrics created by cooking them in a big pot to sewing original fashion I finally got to the dying of cloth by different techniques (tie-dye, print, silk-screen printing) and from there I slowly moved to patchwork and clothing accessories.

In patchwork from 2008 I mainly focus on Art quilts, as I am so interested in never-ending possibilities of creation, materials, techniques, creating of chaos and its further arrangement according to art principles. Searching for motives and ideas is the longest part of my work. I am thinking thoroughly about the right topic and its possible interpretation, then I make drafts, dye fabric and when I am sure that I have everything that is necessary then I jump into creation of quilt. I like combining different textile techniques and to use seemingly inconsistent elements.

I am a member of Bohemia patchwork club, Art Quilt Club, SAQA and the newly formed Art Quilt Harbour, where I enjoy creation of textile art on joint projects at least. I very much appreciate the opportunity to exhibit and also cooperate on the workshop´s organisation as part of the international textile exhibition Prague Patchwork Meeting.

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