For Decor 2015, Galery AQH


Another project of seven Czech authors is a premiere collection of non-woven material Evolon, when color is always solved in two tones that are assigned by lot every author. Technology and surface structure was not specified. The first works from the collection “Contrasts” were exhibited at the show ForDecor Prague in 2015, the second part of the inverse relation of colors to be completion by the end of November and the third part of the triptych of color, then by the end of March 2016 for the world premiere of the entire ensemble at the 10th Exhibition Prague Patchwork Meeting on 1 – 3.4 2016. Subsequently, this collection will be completed by the fourth part, using the winning colors and will be exhibited at the textile fairs abroad.  AQH gallery was completed by the Decor selling works by each of the authors. The response of visitors to the whole gallery has been very positive. Thank you 🙂

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