About us

We´ve been meeting many years on various occasions, creating, courses, exhibitions and events. Our work was always made for the art quilt style and because we “feel alike” all of that brought us together. We want to create a common theme and give our quilts a touch of individuality, we want to meet and work with friends ” on the same wave” and in a narrower group – that was the impulse and foundation for the group of 7 personalities of Czech art quilt – Art Quilt Harbour .

All members of the AQH – namely Eva Brabcová, Romana Černá, Helena Fikejzová, Jana Lálová, Jana Štěrbová, Michaela Zbejvalová and Irena Zemanová (in alphabetical order) are influenced by the group Art Quilt Club Czech Republic, actively participates in the Bohemia Patchwork club, their formation is possible seen in exhibitions in the Czech Republic and in Europe, in publications, magazines, the internet … Many of them are also engaged in teaching activities and patchwork education in modern and art quilt.

The first joint project of the newly established AQH were ” Hanger quilts ” when creating quilts were given a common theme of African batik and unusual way hanging on metal hangers used in dry cleaning. Restrictions resulting from the dimensions, performance and capacity options of hangers led to the establishment of other parameters and it works dimension (width 35 cm, length 40-60 cm) and fixing with chiffon. As each of the artists deal with making quilts in three variations could judge at the exhibition 9th Prague Patchwork Meeting, where a separate gallery were presented AQH association.

In another work we will continue to work with a common theme and for the exhibition ForDecor Prague 2015 we prepared first pieces a series of Two Colors.

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For AQH Irena Zemanová